Victoria announces increased coronavirus restrictions : australia

The official press release: Premier’s Statement on changes to Melbourne’s restrictions

These changes will be in place for at least the next six weeks until Sunday 13 September.

Of course, there’ll be some common-sense exceptions. If your closest supermarket is further than five kilometres, you can still shop there. If you’re a parent with little ones, you can still take them with you when you go for a walk.

Premier’s statement on changes to regional restrictions

And from 11:59pm on Wednesday, regional Victoria will return to Stage 3 “Stay at Home” restrictions.

Businesses in regional Victoria will also return to Stage 3 restrictions.

According to the ABC

The Mitchell Shire, north of Melbourne, will join the rest of regional Victoria and stay on the same stage three restrictions

From the ABC live feed.

There will be a night time curfew will be implemented across Melbourne from 8:00pm to 5:00am from tonight.Melbourne residents will only be allowed to shop and exercise within 5km of their home.All students across the state will return to home-based learning. **Childcare will be closed.**Takeaway is allowed to be continued.Regional Victoria will move to stage 3 restrictions from Thursday

‘State of disaster’ declared from 6:00pm tonight

Police will have extra powers. This will be in addition to the state of emergency already in effect. “The current rules have avoided thousands and thousands of cases each day and then thousands of people in hospital and many more tragedies than we have seen. “But it is not working fast enough. “And there’s a number of different reasons for that. “But after a lot of hard work and detailed analysis, our public health experts, as well as them speaking with their federal counterparts and I’m sure interstate colleagues as well, they have provided advice to me that says if we were to pursue this strategy with a view to driving down numbers to a very low containable level where we could reopen, it would likely be the end of the year before we were able to reopen. “That’s a 6-month strategy that is simply not going to work. Therefore we have to do more and do more right now.”

Within Melbourne, you will no longer be able to leave home and go any further than a 5 kilometre radius

And the Victorian Premier adds: “You will not be able to at any point [go] more than 5km from your home for the purposes of shopping for what you need.”

So, that means:

  • Only one person will be able to go shopping, once per day

  • Recreational activity is no longer allowed

  • You only will have one hour of exercise, no further from their homes 

More restrictions on workplaces will be announced tomorrow.

Some more clarification on these rules

Intimate partner visits will be allowed outside of the 5km radius of your home.

Weddings will be banned from Thursday.

Funerals are allowed but 10 mourners only can leave Melbourne to attend one in regional Victoria.

There will be restricted overnight train services.


From Wednesday, Victorian schools will move to “flexible and remote learning for all students in all schools right across the state”.

Year 11 and 12 students in metropolitan Melbourne will go back to studying from home.

Special schools will remain open for “those who really need it to be in those settings”.

The children of parents who are working will be able to go to school and be supervised but the Premier says “it will only really be those that are absolutely necessary to do so.”

“We’ll be reducing the total amount of students that are at school and therefore the total amount of movement.”

Tomorrow will be school as usual.

Tuesday will be a pupil-free day.

Wednesday will be home-based learning.

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