Lawsuit Demands Sign Language at White House Virus Briefings

The National Association of the Deaf and five deaf Americans have sued the White House, arguing that the lack of a sign language interpreter at President Trump’s coronavirus briefings violates the First Amendment.

The association is seeking to force Mr. Trump and other White House officials to use American Sign Language, or A.S.L., interpreters during “television broadcasts of their coronavirus press conferences and briefings to make them accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people.”

“Deaf and hard-of-hearing people are affected by the pandemic, just like everyone else, but we’re not getting the same access to information, resources, and updates as others,” Howard A. Rosenblum, the association’s chief executive, said in an email. “Accurate captioning helps anyone and everyone. Appropriately assigned interpreters at press briefings avoids possible misunderstandings.”

Reached for a response to the lawsuit, which was filed on Monday in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, the White House referred inquiries to the Justice Department, which declined to comment.

Mr. Rosenblum noted that up until May 13, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York used a sign language interpreter only in the online streams of his daily coronavirus briefings, not in the television broadcasts.

“This rendered the television broadcast inaccessible for those who rely on A.S.L. and do not have internet access,” Mr. Rosenblum said.

Mr. Cuomo added the interpreter to the broadcasts only after he was compelled to do so by a federal judge in response to a lawsuit filed by Disability Rights New York, an advocacy group.

As far as the White House briefings are concerned, Mr. Rosenblum said on Tuesday that “every day there is a delay puts more and more deaf and hard of hearing people at risk.”

“Access cannot be an afterthought,” he said. “Especially not when lives are at risk.”

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