Coronavirus Testing, Kamala Harris, Summer Cocktails: Your Weekend Briefing

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Here are the week’s top stories, and a look ahead.

1. Virus testing in the U.S. has fallen for the first time since the start of the pandemic, a sign the nation’s response has stalled.

Some 733,000 people have been tested each day this month on average, down from nearly 750,000 in July, according to the COVID Tracking Project. By some estimates, several million people may need to be tested each day to rein in the virus, including many who don’t feel sick. Above, testing in Los Angeles.

4. The Democratic National Convention kicks off on Monday night in Milwaukee with a mix of live and prerecorded speeches.

Archery provides a way to exercise, socialize at a distance and offer prayers for the city’s speedy comeback. The group of about two dozen members gathers every weekend in a long field in New Jersey. They split into teams, say mantras to Buddha and then play for 12 hours.

Archery and New York City traffic can be similar challenges. “Both are games where you need to maintain focus,” one member said. “But the difference is that here, in this field, it is only the body that suffers. In the city, driving all day, it is the mind.”

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