Australian Prime Minister is lobbying world leaders to build an international coalition to give the WHO— or another body — powers equivalent to those of a weapons inspector to avoid another catastrophic pandemic like COVID-19 : worldnews

One of the limitations under the WHO, founded in 1948, is that international officials must be invited by nations before being allowed to investigate.

Most important bit.

China could have simply said “no” at any time due to the way the rules work for the WHO. No need to bribe the WHO. Moreover WHO gets more funding from Bill Gates, rather than China in the first place.

Morrison is correct, and is acting on sound advice from Bill Gates. The rules need to be changed to allow inspections.

Its also why the far-right has been attacking Gates. Bill Gates knows that the WHO is not at fault the way Trump has been portraying, and that this is just political finger-pointing.

Edit: For reference, the guys accusing me of being a China troll are simply mad because they tried to upvote this article:

China used WHO in a bid to open Australia’s borders from worldnews

Which was problematic for the following reasons:

  1. Its published by a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, and thus pushes pro right-wing news. Notice how some of them keep pretending this doesn’t matter, or even get outright defensive when I point out this is a conservative news outlet.

  2. They tried very hard to brigade it into worldnews frontpage, which I called out. When it became clear it wasn’t going to reach the frontpage, they got madder and started dumpster-diving and attacked me for being a “China troll”.

  3. The article was clearly inaccurate. It says the WHO “lobbied” Australia to reopen borders with China.

WHO did no such thing. If you read the article, it instead admits that the Chinese ambassador simply referred to WHO travel guidelines. Travel guidelines, which, as I repeatedly pointed out, work if you are as diligent as South Korea in terms of screening new arrivals.

So WHO wasn’t applying any kind of pressure to Australia. The Chinese Ambassador was the one talking to Australia, and he only involved WHO by pointing to their guidelines (which work if you apply them properly).

And yet why this consistent push to pretend it was WHO who pressured Australia?

In short, they aren’t mad at me because I’m a China troll. Instead if you look at the post of guys like /u/CPMartin its very clear they are just “Fuck China” bots unleashed by the Trump astroturfing effort.

And in case you don’t know what that is…

It basically means Trump and his cohorts are paying troll farms to flood reddit and other social media outlets with pro-Trump news.

Which should be really obvious given the supposed “Chinese troll farm” they keep pointing to – r/sino – has only 40K members. By comparison, Reddit found that one of the “most active” cities who use reddit is the US Air Force base at Eglin.

Reddit has removed their blog post identifying Eglin Air Force Base as the most reddit-addicted "city" – Eglin is often cited as the source of some government social-media propaganda/astroturfing programs from Blackout2015

Because troll farms are in fact not limited to China. Indeed, as noted in that post, reddit apparently had to cover up the Eglin Base activity because Americans are not allowed to know they are being trolled by their own government :).

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