AMC says it will wait to reopen movie theaters until major summer blockbusters like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Disney’s Mulan are closer to being released. : movies

What they are saying is that rather than reopening as soon as they are legally allowed, they will wait and only reopen when there are enough movies available to make a full schedule.

Ultimately that seems pretty sensible on multiple fronts. What is the point in reopening when there are no big releases to show? People are not going to take the risk of a public cinema for old reruns… By delaying the opening they also wait for safer times – less risk for staff, and hopefully more customers one people feel it safer to be in public environments like cinemas.

Ultimately at this point we are still sitting with a complete unknown – the virus situation could improve much quicker than expected, or it could rumble on for far longer, we just have no idea. So any current release dates are ultimately just guesses by the studios trying to build a schedule for releases when the whole situation is completely undertrained. If we get closer to the current batch of release dates, then I fully expect the studios to delay again, and cinemas will follow suit until a time it is both safe to open theaters, and there is a schedule of movies to show.

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